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Eagan Builder Featured on Rachel Ray

The producers of The Rachel Ray show recently selected a New Brighton family to get a free, and much needed, $100,000 kitchen makeover. Because the national show wanted a local builder with a good reputation to assist their go-to-guy, Carter Oosterhouse, with the remodel they asked B2 Design owners Bruce Schweich and Bart Ikens if they wanted to join the effort.

“We felt it was a great thing to do for a family in need,” said Schweich. “I’ve always wanted to do something like this since I do most of my work in Dakota County.”

With the B2 Design team on board, the two men gathered volunteers and set out to remodel the kitchen in only five weeks; five weeks is usually about the time the team spends planning a build of this size. So suffice to say, the team was under the gun to finish, but for a great cause like this, all the sweat and tears were well worth it helping a family in need.

The New Brighton family receiving the makeover has eight children, many of which are special needs. The old kitchen was cramped for the big family, so Rachel Ray and B2 Design answered the call. The family received all new counter-tops, appliances, cabinets, and even a new kitchen table. The hard work was worth it according to Schweich.

“The most rewarding part was being there when the homeowner saw it,” he said. “It was awesome seeing the excitement in her and her family.”

This situation is one where everybody wins. The family gets a remodel, Rachel Ray gets to air an episode on her television show helping out others, and B2 Design gets to assist in the aid while getting their great workmanship on national television.

Posted on December 22 2012