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Farmington High School Goalie in Trouble

Many people browsing their social media accounts or their favorite news feeds last week saw the viral hockey video of Farmington goalie Austin Krause pushing the puck into his own net in defiance of his head coach. The deliberate own goal tied the score late in the game between Chaska and Farmington. Chaska went on to a 3-2 victory.

The flare of this story comes from Krause skating off the ice after the own goal, flashing his middle finger at his coach, and saluting the bench. Plus, to the delight of the Internet, this was all caught on camera. This YouTube video popped up on Deadspin, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated and was a huge topic on sports talk radio and social media. The crude gesture to his coach was in response to the senior Krause upset about his playing time being cut in favor of a younger replacement. While some cheer Krause for sticking up for himself, the school is not one of them.

“It’s a show of unsportsmanlike conduct and there is an immediate and dramatic impact on us — not just on the hockey team and coaches, but on our high school and community,” Farmington High School Principal Ben Kusch said.

There is no doubt this night was Krause’s last in a Farmington hockey uniform. The school is investigating this matter closer, meaning there is likely more disciplinary action headed Krause’s way. The Farmington Boys Hockey Team was put on the map for the wrong reason. Now they have to move past this headline grabbing event and move on without their senior goalie.

Posted on February 20 2013