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The Great Clips IMAX is the REAL IMAX

Sure Apple Valley is the home to the Minnesota Zoo where animals of all kinds can be enjoyed by Minnesotans. But another premiere attraction connected to the zoo is the biggest movie screen in Minnesota, the Great Clips IMAX Theater. The screen plays more informational films like Hubble 3D, but also Hollywood feature films like The Hobbit.

Hubble 3D and Born to Be Wild 3D are playing daily at the Great Clips Theater. Hubble 3D focuses on the depths of space by using the images captured by the Hubble Telescope. You might also recognize the voice of Leonardo DiCaprio narrating the film. Born to Be Wild 3D is also narrated by a famous actor, Morgan Freeman, and focuses on the relationship between humans and animals. These movies are only playing for a limited time, so check out showtimes to see these nature centered movies. The theater is also currently showing screening of the Hollywood hit, The Hobbit currently.

The truly unique feature about this IMAX is it's the only theater in Minnesota to present true 70 mm film, a rarity in the medium of cinema. Standard film is 35 mm, naturally you can figure out 70 mm is twice the screen size.

From time to time, Hollywood movies are also shot in 70 mm, like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. This type of presentation does not happen often because capturing 70 mm footage requires bulky, heavy IMAX cameras (and it costs a lot more). Because the only place to find 70 mm exhibition is at this zoo location, flocks of Batman and movie fans made their way to Apple Valley to see the blockbuster films this past summer and in 2008.

While IMAX technology can be found at other local AMC Theaters, those screens pale in comparison to the screen in Apple Valley. The screens at the AMC Theaters are 58 feet high and feature digital IMAX projectors. Some movie fans have coined the term “LieMax” for these theaters. But the screen at the Great Clips IMAX is 97 feet high and has an actual film reel projector, making it capable of 70 mm presentation. The screen at the zoo is over nine times bigger than a standard screen!

So IMAX has its hand in varying forms of distribution, but their only true IMAX screen in the land of 10,000 lakes is at the Minnesota Zoo. The screen is so big it will blow you away. If you haven't seen it, you must make a date with the Great Clips IMAX. Seeing a movie on a screen that spans almost ten stories high, floor to ceiling, is an cinema experience unlike any other.

Source: www.theMovieMash.com

Posted on January 18 2013